Some words are better left unsaid..

26 August 1988
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the simple girl with complicated mind.
work hard play hard.
princess wannabe HATER.
cute thing LOVER.
easy to fall, easy to forget.
happy-go-lucky XD
Homosexual supporter. 8D --> i do believe gay's love is more beautiful than heterosexual. LOL!

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claim_sm 》 ♬ YooSu ♡

-[Ryeowook] - held me in his arms</p>

as I cried against his chest.

I got pregnant by [◄ YooChun ►] and when I told him about it, he clasped my hands in his, looked me in the eyes and said “I take responsibility. I love you and I want you to marry me right now!” And I said “YES!”

YunHo, let's flip a coin
if it's h e a d s, we'll be togetherforever
if it's t a i l s, we'll flip it again

I gave CLAIM HEREa red rose walking home one day.
A few days later, JaeJoong stopped me, gave me a white rose, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "I love you too."

JaeJoong is the reason I

{YunHo} & {Milk}
Two souls, one heart

Watch the night turn into day,
dance on the Milky Way,
[ YunHo ], melt me with your eyes,
my star boy rules the skies

the other day i had a party, Big Bang and Wonder Girls where there, we played truth or dare. and
it was my turn, so
TOP asked me "truth or dare"
i said dare and he dared me to lick ice cream off of
SeungRi body,
so i gotten some and put it on him and licked it off and

SunYe was jealous....what a good time!

whenever you're on tour
i listen to your voice messages
just to hear your voice

《YunHo》 is my SUSHI BABY
| He just keeps me shouting for MORE |

[Uruha] is my personal host

ChangMinloves me truly, madly, deeply and there's nothing you can do about it!

King « HyungJoon », you rule my world ☆彡

YunHo is my slut, and i'm his pimp

{ YunHo } holds my heart !!!

[YunHo] you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

[ Shou ] said to me, "I am complete now that I've found you"

just because;YunHo

one lifetime; one love;YunHo

all i wanna do;YunHo

LVOE» ♥YooChun&JunSu

YunHo is the only fish in my sea

i am greedy like this and that~

I was eating sushi when [YunHo] told me I had rice on my chin.

[YunHo] is my little teapot

My Summer Love
[ HeeChul ]

[JaeJoong] is the cherry to my coke float

Me and 彡彡 { YunHo } 彡彡 are up where the blue birds fly~blue bird

× × I cαη sτïιι rememb೯г tн೯ ժαy ೞн೯η 「「 YunHo 」」 ƒïгst ೞon my н೯αrτ.
Oη th೯ нïιιsïd೯ ೞн೯г೯ ೞ೯ ιαy, н೯ sαïd ೞ೯ n೯v೯г ೞould pαгτ. × ×

YooChun is my Tarzan

♫ You'll be here in my heart, always ♫

eight billion people, eight billion souls
but sometimes, all I need is

Dear Diary . . .
I promise i will not try to imagine [ YunHo ] as [ A Porn Star ] again.

JaeJoong is one-of-a-kind
like a four-leaf clover

~*~*~ He's a one stop jive, makes my panties drop
{YunHo} is MY sweet talkin' sugar coated Candyman

〔YooSu〕 is my ultimate OTP

Because of HeeChul, I know no other perfection.

YunHo is always be my L.O.V.E. Forever

When I asked {JaeJoong&YooChun} what love meant to him, he whispered, "Hold my hand and We'll take you there."

who cares ┌about finding the damn key┘ when i’m CUFFED to YunHo

who cares ┌about finding the damn key┘ when i’m CUFFED to Saga

Oh, do you mean what I and [YunHo] did last night?
We were talkin' about THE WEATHER

HONEY to the BEE, thats JaeJoong for me.

YooChun n' JunSu
x2 trouble & up to no good!

YooChun says I'm his Princess!

-HeeChul- sang ONE to me

as I fell asleep in bed with him

» YunHo «
knows how to make me squirm

{YunHo} bought me a journal
and on the first page it wrote
'You are my world'.


SeungRi leaned over & kissed me. I kissed him back & then, our eyes met & it was like we both knew… So we smiled & kissed again. It was so perfect.

{ YunHo&Saga }
there's nothing in the world better than you

Addiction, is what you are to me, [JunSu HERE].
A craving,
a need
... and without you, I cannot survive.

I am
chained to you, forever.

staying withYunHo ★★under the starry sky★★
is the
second best thing
knowing him is the first

i have more feelings for [HeeChul],
than any other girl ever will.

YooChun if my radio breaks,
will you
sing to me?

*YooChun* and *JunSu*
sitting in the car
doing something rated R