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Me, Myself & I =D

She's a BIG fan of K-pop, esp TVfXQespecially Jeong YoonHo 8D but i love them equally! <3
Not a girl, not yet a woman.
88's baby.
Simple Yet Complicated.
Lazy Student.
, seriously, if u act like one better stay away from me.
Bashing is my life. --> i cannot help this one >.<;;
Pinkie addict BUT i don't act like a common PINK GIRL =p.
Careless yet caring.
Affection sucker.
I DO Hate ppl who thinks that they are cool but ACTUALLY, they ARE NOT cool at all.
Misscall from private number means A COWARD THAT LOVES TO DISTURB SOMEONE'S PEACE.
Cocky? Mushy? Cheesy? SHOO!


do we have something in common?
feel free to add me! 8D i don't bite. seriously. xDxDxDxD

Credits : dustysock

P.S : you may caught me fangirling nonstop over Junsu at some LJ comm xD that's my friend ;) she's been using my account to dig up some LJ goodness LOL!


missing people .___.

i miss spazzing with friends here on LJ :( 

LJ is so quiet, and not as awesome as it used to be, partly because of the never ending dramas in fandom maybe? everyone kinda went to separate ways. OTL

on happier note, going to japan again to catch TONE tour at saitama and osaka <33333 and i got tokyo dome dome tickets for both days from bigeast ballots <3333 and first day of kyocera dome. i feel blessed 8D seriously <333333
but mom had to drop the bomb a day after ballot's result's announcement, that i might have to go to europe with her DURING THE TOUR DATES. fuck my life seriously. what is this =___=; well, i still have a month to try to go to japan for dome dates ;( multiple japan trips FTW 8D

and megan got me elizabeth tickets! 8DDDDD i can't wait to see blonde!junsu XD he's sizzling hawt in that musical, seriously #$)(*&^#@#$%^&*(^#$%^~!!!! can't wait!

gotta return to seoul on wednesday :( i want to stay in Jakarta longer! i never had enough time to spend with family and friends here in indo. OTL wish could stay longer T__T and lunch date on wednesday afternoon at singapore before off to seoul. waeeeee so busy on wed :( hope i have energy left to go to school on thurs considering wednesday would be a busy bee day for me T___T



Byebye Singapore, you'll be missed T___T

after couple of years, it's time for me to kiss this country goodbye! i thought i would work and reside here after i'm done with school, turned out, things didn't go that way :) so yeah. it's been fun! i'm gonna miss SG alot, including my bestfriends, friends, everything though. 

and, welcome Seoul, i might survive you for the next couple of years, OR NOT. OTL

haha now i'm wondering, when i'll be back for good to my home country, instead of country hopping like this. country hopping for the first time is fun, but when you do that alot, it's kinda tiring /bangshead/



i guess i went on MIA too long D:

so, how are you guys?


pimping post!

pimping dbsk goods community :D

please visit if you have time ^^

nail art pics! ;)

my newest forte! huahaha.

just feel like posting them up!

sparkling nails *__*Collapse )



nasi uduk, pempek, martabak, ayam goreng suharti, soto ayam, gurame goreng, tahu kipas, baso malang, bakmie GM, sop buntut, perkedel, syomay, nasi goreng kambing, sate tulang, and udang gulung!

ME CRAVEEEEEEEEESSSS!!! ;( okay if you don't understand what i write, those r the list of Indonesian food that i crave haha! XD D - 3. 8DDDD btw, merry Xmas all! :DDDDDDDDDD


happy bday!

i know ur bday is still tomorrow, but afraid i can't greet you on time ;(

HAPPY BDAY MY BELOVED BB! applepieprinces
wish u all the best and may God bless u always.

we haven't talked much lately ;( and sorry i've been MIA on u. but i love you STILL.

so happy bday in advance beech slash dildomates!

P.S : Ur gift is on its way! LOL!

selling selling~ haha

hi my dear F-listttttttt~! XD

i got extra individual posters (Junsu&Changmin) from AADB 3 ;)

price is IDR45.000 or SGD6.5 each ;)

please leave ur comment if u're interested!

anyway, how r u doin f-list? long time no talk.



helloha guyssssss ;DDD
its been a while since my last post XD

life been pretty good so far ;) and school is quite fun :DD only 3days left, and i'll finish my 1st course on degree level.
wohooo~! i got so many holidayssss 8D yay for that! ;D [ow ow~ milk is such a lazy girl XD]

anyway applepieprinces darling ;( i feel like crying nowwwwwwwwww~! ;( u're going to come here on oct yet i won't be in SG ;__; damn bb, i miss u my bitch ;( u and ur fake innocence :p [oh yes, im practically telling the whole world that u just faking it! whuahahahaha aren't i nice? damn i am :D]

retail therapy at ION orchard tomorrowww~! ;DDD i need to practically shop till i drop. wohoooo 8DDD ahh need to pay kinokuniya a visit ;( went there couple days ago to buy nail max magazine, but it was sold out T___T''' i wanna find a nice a design for my next infills session ;(

and here's my latest nail artttt XD i feel like eating my nails XDD

P.S : damn, life's good and mommy rawk!
P.P.S : i need to find a way to protect oppa from unnie's attack! =3= someone is horny *giggles* XDDDDDD
P.P.P.S : Indo on 5th! ;DDD time to plaaaayyy~ XDDD



i've been missing from LJ, and if you see me on DBSG comm, thats my bestfriend hahaha XD but sometimes i do reply too XD

well, long holiday sucks =__= its been 4 months and im tired of flying back indo sg indo sg every month =__='' i have no idea how to spend the rest of my holiday. lets see, i still have 1,5months to go! ugh >(((((( im bored ;(

anyway, i practically spent most of my allowance this month on dbsk goods ;( dome dvd & goods + please be mine pbook are killing my poor wallet T__T and when my eroYJ goods will arrive in sg >3<;; i can't wait to see it ;( ohmyyunjae! 8DDD

btw, nail art is my new forte now! hahaha XD since i have a habit of biting my nails, i did an extension to prevent me biting my nails XD and today i did a nail art at one of korea nail academy graduate's salon XD the designs at her shop r so cute >3< and i spent like 30minutes to decide which one i wanted to do XD

i love it ;DD

anyway, since im a facebook whore, anyone in facebook? give me ur email and im gonna add you ;DDDDDD


bored =__=

i'm bored XD decided to re-read all entries that i wrote for my blog XD

and i found this ^0^

Yoosu's chicken drama! XDDDD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

achun : *comes closer to junsu*

junsu : *ignores*
achun : for u baby! ur bday present. *sparkling eyes*
junsu : *throws it away* dun need! *sarcastic smile*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

achun : *tears alr on the edge of his eyes*
junsu : *sweatdropped*
and then. . .
achun : TTTTTTTTTTTTT_________________________TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

achun : *still cryin bcoz of the rejection junsu gave him*
junsu : damn, i made him cry AGAIN. huaa! why i have such a crybaby loverrr! how unlucky i am. but i lucky indeed LOL he's willing to do anything just for small kiss! not to mention i used kamo's lips to kiss him though. that wasn't me. i'm smart. 8D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

junsu : i better move my sorry ass and run for life. i dun want to hear jaejoong hyung's for-ur-goodness-sake lecture anymore! at least, not now T.T *throws a roll of tissue to chunnie*

sist made those chicken icons for me ;D anyway XD achun is my nickname for yoochun X3 dunno why, it sounds cute. ROFL. *gets whacked*



okay, i've decided.

I'M GOING TO THAILAND. without mommy's permission ;___;

but i'm going to tell her XD 2days before my scheduled departure T^T *rolls on the floor and praying* i want to see yunho so bad! so decided to go ;___; i know she's going to explode when i tell her later. *dies*

P.S : ive decided to collect dildo as my new hobby! condom is so yesterdaayyy.



i won't go to Thailand for mirotic concert. basically, i won't go anywhere for their concerts.





i'm proud of you guys ;DD

so, TVXQindo is doing a project book for TVXQ hahaha~ actually, i have no idea what is it all about. *dies* since my helpers are the one that doing the job ;DDD and i'm not in Indo at the moment. so i skipped all the events T____T damn, this is why i hate the most of living far away alone =/

*tears of happiness inside XD*Collapse )

sex meme? XDXDXDXD

okay, so applepieprinces  wants me to do this meme. but, please please please take note that i'm a total innocent okay? D: she made me a total pervert. *cries like yoochun on FITB tour*

very random yet crazy answers under my skin! Collapse )

and i put the right mood to accompany this meme! HUAHAHAH. please note, that is not my actual mood this morning okay! *pokes everyone*



Milk is one happy girl! ;DDDDDD


*blows air kisses to everybody*



Finally, tomorrow is the D-day. after this painful day, i'll get my freedom as 24/7 Yunjae's fangirl back!
LOL. <3
now i'm the middle of making the PPT slide for tomorrow presentation, but as always, i got distracted AGAIN.

told you so, online shopping do the wonders of life 8D at least, my life <3

yunjae'sphone!Collapse )

and, wish me luck for tomorrow everyone ;D it's either live happily ever after or die and rooting in hell [coz mommy will more than happy to have my head if i fail.] *dies* --> yes i know i'm exaggerating things XD



coz my earring says it all.


meme and weird dream D:

i had a weird dream just now @___@ its about mommy and my ex boyfriend xD in my dream, i had a dinner with mom at my fave resto, all of a sudden, he appeared and took a seat beside me, and started eating like nothing happened. XD and in that dream, mom allowed me to date him! huahahaha. mom didn't agree of the idea, me dating him that time because he's a bad boy [and mom, apparently, this lovely daughter of yours, loves bad boy XD] but he's cute and adorable [and still cute until now xP] but we broke up because of misunderstanding, thanks to my lovely cousin *shakes fist*] but it's only a dream XD maybe because i kinda miss him right now. *bangs head*

and he happened to send me message on friendster 2 weeks ago, but i just read it last week since i'm being a lazy ass to open my friendster. he asked me when is my next school break, because he wants to take me out for holiday. *dies* dude, you have no idea how much i changed in past few years. i'm not your nice little girl anymore. @__@ [but i miss him! since he was my bestest bestfriend also! but he broke his promise to stay as my bestfriend since we broke up =__='']

okay okay forget about the dream, and start doing my project now. . okay, maybe later xP

and memeeeeeeeeeeee! its been a while XD

memememeCollapse )


i don't feel like writing in my blogspot. so many silent reader [and most of them are TI's members] are reading that blog. LOL. no privacy. XD

time is ticking like a bomb, and it's about time until i really bang my head to the bedroom wall FOR REAL.
project man project! T___T'' seriously, why did i pick the hardest subject after all? DX it's not that hard actually, but the fact that my subject advisor made it harder than it looks irritates me! my mom keeps calling me non-stop every hour just to check on me [she knows that i'm stress, but she thought i'm actually going to bangs my head for real! XDDDD mommy is so adorable <3] mom is going nuts because of me XD she called so many friends to ask their children whether they could help me or not. how i <3 my mom. and she really is my mom, she knows me too well DX that she needs to bribe me with something, so i can do it happily. LOL. she agreed to paint my car with pink color! HUAHAHAHAH. i've been begging her to paint it pink since 3 years ago! [first time i got my own car]. i just need to find out how to make her agree to let me drive again. i'm sick of my driver since mom made my driver to become my stalker! for reals, this is why i prefer to take taxi back home whenever i go out, so my driver won't stay at the parking lot, and stalk me!]

phone call 1

mommy : vi, how's project?
me : huh? i'm reading fanfics now mom!

phone call 2

mommy : what are you doing litte girl?
me : fangirling yunho?
mommy : . . . .

did a research at 2am until 4am last night, it turned out to be NOTHING.
it couldn't be nothing right? *scratch head
i'm shaking at the idea of postponing this fuckin project until next year. no i'm not going to give up. not yet. i haven't tried hard enough to do this fuckin project.

and screw school. this all happened because of u my lovely coordinator. and the same thing goes to u mr. Paul. having ur holiday with you new lover at medan right now, and left me all alone, miserable with a bunch of paper and online articles. may God bless you and your flowery print shirt. =________=''''

oh anyway, someone told me something interesting yesterday~ awww~ now i got the idea of the real truth, i should do something right? or else, it wouldn't be fun! LOL. how i love being a manipulative queen [like someone said, eventhough i'm more like a tough princess =p]
the idea of having the news spread in thunder speed excites me! 8DD shud i bid my goodbye now? don't worry, i'll prepare for your farewell party of course! ;D since we're best friends right? <3 [OMG, WHAT DID I SAID JUST NOW?] XDDD

okay okay, seriously, stop thinking that you're the centre of the universe for yunho pink thongs's sake! you really really need to grow up babe, how old are you again? 12? no, you're fuckin 22 or 23 [LOL!], stop acting like a child. you aren't a princess. stop acting like you're the princess, you're the prettiest girl, the sexiest girl ALIVE. you're not as pretty as my beauty queen, KimJaeJoong! [even jae's middle finger is much much much prettier that your sorry ass.] i know what you did girl. just watch out your back, and wait patiently for the next surprise in your life. LOL.

P.S : i'm starving!!!! my stomach keeps singing since this evening, but i'm lazy to go out. its weekend! DX the nearest place where i can grab food will be orchard, but its weekend! *cries*


YAY \ 8D/

YAY! *dances happily*

milk is so happy. 8DDD *dances*
my annoying housemate[s] is going to move out in an hour! you can't imagine how happy i am! i feel like asking the rest housemates to do a bambaya dance in condo's guest lobby! <3<3<3

seriously, no more disgusting underwear scattered in the wet area. no more dirty toilet [since they don't know how to squat, even frog is smarter than them], i can sleep peacefully tonight! no more high-pitched & loud voice in the middle of the night. no more disgusting kitchen [since they don't know how to clean the dishes LOL and they love to use other people's things without permission.] AND NO MORE SMOKE PUFF COMING FROM THE TOILET! [this is the most important thing since i loathe smoke with passion. but i don't mind if u want to smoke, its your choice, just appreciate others who doesn't smoke. and this house got the fuckin rules! you're not allowed to smoke in here, but they still stubborn and smoke silently in the toilet. LOL] . I'M SO GOING TO KISS THOSE ANNOYING THINGS GOODBYE! YAY ME AND MY HOUSE OWNER! 8DDDD oh uncle keith, how i love u so much!

*off to finish my left over cakes! XD


new tattoo! 8D

finally, new tattoo! XD not exactly a new tattoo XD i extended my 2nd tattoo, since it was too small and quite plain IMO T__T

alecs did a good job! 8D *hugs alecs

please ignore my red skin. XD


meme ;D

I stole this from geummi  sist ;)

meme <3Collapse )

tagged by kariinn13 

This is the rules :
1. take a recent photo of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now [it's 2am in the morning XD so, i should not take a pic of myself at this unfriendly time LOL!]
2. don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture
3. post that picture with no editing
4. post this instruction with your picture
5. tag 10 people to do this C'mon all narcissist, do this meme if you want to :D

so, i put the pic under the cut.Collapse )

and, i failed to do the meme from erodut 
since i barely have time to update my LJ. school sucks ;___;
i even got class this morning, class on xmas eve and new year eve. ;___;
great, so this is how i will spend the rest of 2008.
stuck at school with a super annoying teacher and a bunch of press releases paper to be done.
[and FYI, the school is considered close, only our class and another diploma class from mass comm course that still have to finish public relation course until 2nd of January, the rest already gone for their holiday! *is envy* i'm also all alone in my apartment, all my housemates went back to Indonesia and China on monday T__T

will meet applepieprinces tomorrow <3<3<3
don't forget to text me once you step out from the plane!