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Dec. 17th, 2008

whua, its been a while right? *or not? hahaha XD

wanna do meme from erodut <3333333

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same


1. okay, will do after this <3
2. err, i try 8D
3. i tag everyone who wants to do it <3 but MIKI, PLEASE DO IT! hahaha xD

so, here it is <3

day 01

1. i received my dbsk desk calendar today! omg its pretty 8DDDDD and its not as small as i thought. hahaha.
2. my best friend promised me she will pay for my dbsk wall calendar <3
3. went out for dinner with manda, and we were laughing all the time hahaha! XD [simply because of dog-thingy which made me laughed my ass off]


i'm a bit pissed off with the post office and local bank lately. *sigh*
what a way to ruin my happy mood ;____;

Ljcut because i'm shy >////<Collapse )

i need new skirts and new shoes also! ;______;
miki, can
't wait for you on 25th! msg me when u reach here!

now i need to stop procrastinating and finish my assignment! ;____;



school sucks.




baby yoosu

At library to do my assignment XD but i'm lazy as hell, so decided to do this huahaha!

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee! <33333333



school sucks DDDDDDDDDDDDD:

it will take most of my free times in the future. new term sucks =.= i wouldnt have any holiday until February  next year ;___;
yes, even i got no holiday for my beloved xmas and new year! only at the 25th dec and 1st jan itself T_____T;;;
and exams every 2 weeks? GREAT. *is crying*

oh anyway, for those of you who ordered babyDBSK jacket, it almost done!
me & my friends are very sorry for the delay. we're really really sorry ;__;
since our old supplied decided to be an ass and back out since she couldnt provide the material we wanted! [great, if you couldnt provide it, why did u agree to take our orders?! =.='''], then the 2nd one simply said that he couldnt produce the jacket anymore and he put a wrong colour to the jacket. great =.= finally, we got a new supplier, and this time, this supplier really meets our standard. so, i'm really sorry for the delay ;___; i'm really sorry ;____; my friend will send you a mass email tomorrow i think? i'm not sure myself haha! need to ask her later.

anyway applepieprinces , did u get your mirotic cd i sent you? i'm afraid the postman rips off the plastic bag, and decides to take a look what's inside, then he falls for jaejoong's amazingly beautiful face and takes the cd home D:


so cute *__*

so cute <3
i think he learnt how to pout from the pout queen, jaejoong xDxDxD

credit : as watermarked.


our college life XD

its been a while since the last time i updated my LJ. hahahaha! XD

i want to post the illustration about our college life hahaha! XD but since its too long so i shall put it behind the LJ cut. 8D

thanks to acid huahahhaha!



im so happy! one more confirmation from one of the important role in this so called game.
and i dunno that he;s that adorable with his lover!
*pinch pinch*

*jumps in happiness*

i'm seriously happy right now 8DDDD

btw susgirl i miss u darling T_T;;; when ur uncle fix ur internet? >.<

anyway, this one is so pretty <3333333



dbsk meme from liha@blogspot HUAHAHA xD

all my answers are the result of my randomness =_______________='' XD

i tag everyone who wants to do it <3 its fun! XD


handphone meme

i stole this from x_fei's blogspot. huahahah XD

so give an estimate of how many scratches are on it:
seriously, i cannot count it anymore! XD
what color is it, or do you have a cool case for it?
silver XD heck, i want it to be the pink one!
is there a screen on the front that tells you the time, etc?
of couz XD
new or old?
quite old alr. half year XD

how many texts have you sent?
today? around 23
how many have you received?
32 *i just counted it after u asked me huahaha*
what does your first text say and who's it from?
steph, i'll be latee! gah! - karina, my classmate XD
what does your last text say and who's it from?
'll be back to pekanbaru next week, will come to SG to visit u! 8D - my board's administator, Lola <3
or do you delete your texts after you read them?
i rarely delete them, i have like around 2000+ msgs on my handphone =X
whats your favorite text you have saved, who's it from?
pick a text from your outbox to share with us:
what did the last person to leave you a voicemail say? who was it?
my mom xD "where r uu?! pick up my phone!" XD
do you delete your voicemails after you listen to them?
never delete, rarely get voicemail though
who texts you the most?
my folks <3
who do you text the most?
same as a bove XD

service provider?
what kind of phone is it?
flip phone?
slide D:
camera phone?
of couz XD
do you take pictures of all the people on your contacts so when they call it shows up?
i rarely do such things with my phone.
what was the last thing you took a picture of?
myself. HUAHAHA.
first thing?
forgot alr.
can you take videos, too?
last thing you took a video of?
heavy rain. huahahahha
first thing?
does it have the internet?
it can, but i dunno how to use HUAHAHA
do you ever use the internet?
wtf? of couz XD but not with my phone.
does it have instant messaging?
has ;)
do you ever use it?
sadly, no.
does it cost money to text, IM or go on the net?
yes! ldkhfjhkglafl XD
what other cool things can it do?
ah it can wake u up bcoz of its silly sounds. HUAHAHA, ok im joking =X
do you have a plan? how many minutes are on it?
dun have any.

how many do you have?
do you put hearts on the people you really like?
sometimes, yes. huaahah
do you use nicknames or regular names?
nicknames XD
full names?
lazy XD
how many people are listed under A?
what about J?
and M?
do some people have special ringtones?
my phone always on silet mode.




-enuff said-

i'm freakin pissed off right now.

anyway, what happened to detox T.T
i woke up this evening and found 3 IM in Ym told me that detox got deleted.
huhuhuhu, my daily fanfic supply T.T
what i;m suppose to do without detox? T.T

detox is my life!



Finally! we've finished the jacket. huahahah! XDXDXDXD

Here's the pic ;) this is the example ONLY.  [coz the motive on the jacket is wrong!]

The real motif will be like this. [of couz without the octopus at the back! huahahahah]

here's the size chart if u want to order ;)

notes : if u want to order size XXXL - 8XL u have to add $2 ;) [or SGD 3]

The Price :
For singapore : SGD50 [ included shipping from Indonesia, then i only do meet up to pick the jacket ;) ]
For Others : USD 25 [ Not include shipping]

The shipping price [this is the best we can get so far, coz the jacket is very heavy, post office considers 1 jacket = 1 kg] actually the jacket only aroung 0,5 KG. so if u can find another buyer maybe u can split the shipping fee? ;)
but we try to find the cheaper one ;) - all in USD]

P.S : for those who live in america, if u want the cheaper shipping fee, if u dun mind to wait until september, i can ask my friend to send it to you from her house in america, so that u only pay the local shipping fee ;) 

Malaysia : $11/Jacket
Australia : $19/Jacket
UK : $29/Jacket
Canada : $33/Jacket
USA : $31/Jacket

i know the shipping fee is like pain in the ass T__T i'll try to find the cheaper one >.<;;

If u are interested in this jacket, please leave me a reply. Don't make the payment right now, because we still unsure about the shipping fee.
Payment Methods : Singapore - DBS/POSB bank transfer. Others - paypal [Don't forget to add 5% paypal fees]
I'll leave my bank account and paypal address after we get the fixed shipping fee. ;)

Feel free to ask me if u want ;)

P.S : if u live in Phillipine, u can contact my friend applepieprinces ;)


if u want to order the jacket, the final date is 1st june 2008, sunday ;)

and also, if u are from USA, and dun mind waiting to wait until september, please state in your reply. so that i can count the right amount for you.

i'll PM you one by one for further data ;) so i can keep your data too. <3

use this following format to order :

Your Location :
email :
Size :


Status - Preorder

Vanny - Singapore - L - vanny92
HyeWon - Singapore - L - preeseelah
Sushma - Singapore - XL - andyfied
Michelle - USA - XL - september - hoyah
Cindy - USA - L - september - shadowangel009

Belle - Singapore - L
Nicole - Singapore - XXL
Hui Yu - Singapore - M & XXL - hanaliulia
Liric - USA - september -XXXL - somnium_vita
Jermin - Singapore - M - pinkredwhiterm
Yuting - Singapore - M[2pieces] & 4XL - pung_seon
Chloe - Singapore - XXL - luvkangta
Tabatha - USA - S - smilex3hehe
Cat - USA - L - broken_demise
Xuann - Singapore - L
Divina - USA - XL - hidden_mem0ries
Lan - Vietnam - M - susgirl
Janelle - USA - XS - September -
Daria - Rusia - M - piratka_232
Sheryl [2pieces] - Singapore - L - ilovehugs





I'm bored to death XD so i stole this meme from yuzuk1 XDXDXD

anyway XD i found new room for me alrrrr! XDXDXDXD
the room is so nice, and have sea vieww! gahh i love sea 8D

im a bit sleepy btw, afraid will fall asleep again XD


3rd attempt at blogcrew XD

Dear Diary . . .
I promise i will not try to imagine [ Claim Here ] as [ Your Imagination ] again.


2nd attempt at blogcrew XD

{ Claim Here } & { Your Name } are married to each other.


List of my blogcrew I

Since my profile is getting too crowded. i moved some blogcrews i've joined to here ;D the rest is on my profile.

BlogcrewCollapse )


May. 6th, 2008

Claim Here is my slut, and i'm his pimp


meme again? XD

my yeonb1 dear tagged me :D

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names & why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment (you're it!) and to read your blog for instructions. You can't tag a person who has tagged you. Since you can't re-tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can read the answers!

my answer ;D [yes. i copied 7 of them from the similar meme XD]

1. i couldnt eat vegetable XD [but i'm healthy though, i fact, super healthy 8D]
2. i don't like chocolate.
3. i'm addicted to green tea :D
4. i always bite my nail whenever i feel nervous XD
5. i sleep like a pig =X
6. i used to collect condom and band aid as hobby when i was in high school.
7. i love dbsk and YUNHO! <3<3 [like seriously XD]
8. i got dunk bcoz of M&M chocolate and pat bing soo. [later, my friend said that there's a possibility i have sugar high x_x;;]
9. i used to hate pink so much. [i believe in karma, now im addicted to pink and even almost reach the pink girl level]
10. i have a very big doll like the doll in goong's one ;D i named it yunhodoll XD coz i put yunho's pic in there 8D

now i wanna tag <333
geummi , susgirl [coz ILU <3] , kawaiineyo4 , talk_play_love , rushymellow , shilvanisa , yuzuk1 , teachino [where r u unnie? T.T] , x_fei , jaejoongaddict .


this is so fun!

i snag this from joongielover 8D


Dear susgirl. I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'll join the monastery. I think I realized it When I saw the shrunken head In your closet, and I saw you Sit at My mustard soufflé. I'm sure you're Masochistic enough to understand That I get turned on by garbage men. I'm returning The cut toenails to you, but I'll keep Your criminal record as a memory. You should also know that I Told in my confession today about The apartment building. Good luck on your short-term leave from jail, -moonbin_is_love- <3.


meme again 8D

got tagged by geummi 8D

Pick your birth month.
_ Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
_ Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
_ Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a lj-cut.
_ Tag 5 people from your friends list.

and i tag susgirl ,noirecoulisse , hydeist89 , yuzuk1 , strawberrychair and everyone who wants to do it ^0^


new layout ^0^


thanks a lot to kolina_chan once again ;D
coz she just simply awesome 8D


btw, i changed my blog. 8D

from milkXmilk to LifelessWhore.
do visit if u want 8D


meme 8D

i saw this on soloscry's LJ 8D

1. My username is ______ because ______.

moonbin_is_love coz i love that kid to death! <333 and that kid is very very handsomeee! *glompsMB* not to mention he resembles yunho alot too! XDDDDDDDD

2. My name is _____ because ______.

Virginia Stephanie [actually longer than that XD] i dunno the meaning actually XDXD i just know, my grandmom told me that my dad wants virginia name and my mom wants stephanie. so i ended up with both. XD

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.

the more u judge, the less u love. coz sometimes we always judge people by its cover, and then coz of our judgement towards them, sometimes, we tend to avoid to make friend with people.

4. My journal subtitle is ____ because ____.

dun have XDXD coz i dunno what shud i write @.@

5. My friends page is called ____ because ____.

dun have also XDXD coz i'm not creative T_____________________T

6. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

yoosu. simply becoz i'm yoosu biased! XD


7. My nickname is ____ because _____ .

i have lots >.<;; but usually people call me with milk [in indonesia is SUSU! xD] i dunno why people prefer to call me with susu than milk @.@ same meaning lah XD only one in english one in indonesia lang. XD because' i used to bring strawberry milk to class since elementary sch, and i'm addicted to milk + cow things 8D then my friend started to call me with the name :D



i;m doing survey for my friend ;D

she;s planning to make this jacket.

Price : around SGD25-30. still not sure :D [not include shipping]
Material :  Fleece Cotton
size : S - XXXL

and my friend asked me to promote this jacket to my friend XD
but i dunno who to promote. so if u live in singapore and interested, do tell me :D
coz i'll be back to my home country in the end of this month, and i can pick the jacket and bring back to SG again then pass it to u :D

[there;s a possibility to cancel the production of this item if the order doesnt reach the target]


meme :3


1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions


Meme ;D

I got tagged by ichnelle & x_fei ;D

1. List 7 facts/quirks/habits of yours
2. Tag seven people to do the same
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you and do not say that you tag "Who ever wants to do it."

and i tag : geummi , chiironiji , charishama , shica_aya , teachino , yeonb1 , vie_hero


small collection of mine :D

My friend asked me to post my dbsk collection, butttt~ i;m shy what x_x;;;
coz my collection not very much T_T;; and i left some in indo.

so here;s the thing that i have in SG with me right now.